Postal 3: Preview from Poki Games

How many have I killed
How many have killed How
many souls of innocent have ruined
the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune"

Jack Thompson* had better prepare in advance: buy validol, go to a psychiatric hospital, or even sail away to an uninhabited island somewhere in the Caribbean. And it's not even about the second add-on for GTA IV, which should see the light of day this year, but the third part of the most immoral Poki game of all time. You don't need to be seven spans in your forehead to guess what is at stake. Of course, about Postal.

Let's talk about the sad things first. The city of Paradise City, loved by many fans of the series, has sunk into oblivion. Do you want to know the reason? There is nothing to hide - the main character (Postal Dude, yeah) found it at the end of the Apocalypse Weekend add-onthe big red button that is responsible for ... well, you all know perfectly well what the big red buttons usually do. Not really thinking about its purpose, the Dude, with a dexterous movement of his hand, razed Paradise City to the ground. Without thinking twice, our protagonist gathered all his belongings and emigrated to another settlement in order to start a new, better life. Alas, he could not travel further than the state of Arizona, and had to settle in the fictional city of Catharsis.

Of course, the developers argue that the new settlement will be much bigger, more interesting and more diverse. This suggests an analogy with GTA , and in particular, with its "dark-skinned part" of San Andreas , because the Catharsis area will not be limited exclusively to the stone jungle. Going outside the city limits, you will find yourself in the countryside, where farmers, cows and other equally curious life forms live. By the way, there should be no problems with movement, because the Poki game will have the ability to control transport.

Nevertheless, the main action will unfold within the city. Catharsis is divided into spheres of influence of several local factions. So far, only two are known: the Taliban and the so-called Green Party. Moreover, the latter will be something like terrorists who use the dirtiest methods to achieve their goals. If the desire arises, you are free to contract workers for any of the factions. Just like in Just Cause , depending on which side you choose, your relationship with them will change as well.

One of the main strong points of the new Postal is non-linearity. Of course, this bloomed and smelled back in the days of the second part (for example, a simple purchase of a package of milk was solved in two ways - by paying money to the cashier, or by killing an Indian seller with a shovel under the approving hum of the crowd), but in the third part, the developers from Poki Games went even further and introduced several different endings. They will change depending on your playing style, of which there are exactly three pieces: good, bad and crazy.

If the desire to be a good boy does not arise, there is always an opportunity to send moral principles to hell and make a real hell in the city. Fortunately, Postal 3 's arsenal disposes of this in every possible way. All weapons from Postal 2will move to the third part, but there will be more than enough novelties in it. In addition to the classic shovels and machetes, much more exotic options with very tempting names are planned. How do you, for example, "sickle-nunchuka"? Or maybe the "evil badger"? RWS decided not to stop there and, with the studio's inherent aplomb, declared that poor animals could now be used not only as a muffler (cats, remember?), But also ... alas, here the developers seemed to have taken water in their mouths.

In the final version, about 125 different citizens are planned, as usual, personifying all the shortcomings of modern American society. The RWS threatens to make the population smarter and make its behavior more believable. Fresh AI promises us new options for influencing characters and also their reactions to the most unusual situations. To tell the truth, it is not at all clear what else can be improved there, because the AI ​​in the second part was very, very good. The NPCs reacted to your fanaticism as it should be: they ran away screaming, called for help, and, um, exposed the contents of their stomachs for everyone to see. Now, there is always the possibility that some smart guy can stay in place and give you a decent rebuff.

Some of the townspeople, as is usually the case in Postalwill be world famous celebrities. Absolutely everyone will get the nuts: actors, musicians, politicians. Thanks to the use of motion capture technology Motion Capture, they will be virtually indistinguishable from their real prototypes. It is known that not without the participation of Al Gore (Vice-President in the period between 1993-2001 years), Mr. Uwe "non-critical-my-movies-else-give-to-face" Ball , Vince Desi (boss RWS ) and stars of the magazine "Playboy". As for the appearance of Jack Thompson, RWS gets off with vague hints: they say that our Poki game is satirical, so anything is possible. But that's all - it is likely that Postal 3it will be possible to shoot (oh horror!) representatives of Poki game journalism. Accordingly, if you did not agree with the rating given to any Poki game you liked, you will have an excellent opportunity to recoup the impudent hacks. Just, for God's sake, don't overdo it!

Despite the fact that this all sounds very cool, we still have a number of questions for the authors. How will the multiplayer and, in particular, the cooperative mode be implemented? Will the new camera be comfortable over the shoulder a la Resident Evil 4 ? And why the hell did they replace assignment assignments by day of the week with incomprehensible assignments from some stupid firm?

But one thing is certain: we will get our portion of madness. And we would advise Jack Thompson not to delay with a trip to the Caribbean. After all, the 3rd quarter is just around the corner.

*Jack Thompson is a lawyer, an ardent opponent of computer and video Poki games. In 2008, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that he was barred from legal practice.