Affordable Machinery

Affordable Machinery, LLC. is a machinery dealer you can afford. We specialize in stamping presses and related equipment, such as die trucks, machine tools, forklifts, overhead cranes and construction equipment – which makes us a very versatile company. Browse our web site for your machinery needs. If you require a machinery or rigging quote, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone. Not all of our machinery is listed so feel free to call one of our experienced sales staff for an updated stock list.

Recent Items

  1. 300 Ton Verson Straight Side Press
  2. 300 Ton Verson Press
  3. Monarch T-Lathe 36″
  4. 200 Ton Riggers Manufacturing Gantry
  5. 30″ Wide Dallas Powered Reel and Straightener
  6. Besley Double Disc Grinder For Sale
  7. Devleig Precision Air Lift Index Table
  8. 40,000lb Taylor Forklift For Sale
  9. Gantry Runway & Lifting Beams