C&B Machinery Disc Grinder Wheel Change Assist For Sale -Gardner, Besly, Mattison, Giustina

C&B Machinery Double Disc Grinder Wheel Change Assist For Sale -Gardner or Besly, Mattison, Giustina – Used

“The M30/36HDDW unit shown here can hold four wheels and backing plates for the common disc grinders such as C&B, Giustina, Besly, Gardner and Mattison, Koyo and more.

  • All the models will accommodate up to 36-inch diameter disc grinding wheels.

  • All models can be towed behind in-plant vehicles.

  • Also, each model can be towed behind each other.

  • Two wheels are swivel and come with roller locks.”

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Champ 3 Drill Sharpener Grinder For Sale – New Out of Box (Missing bed) New $2,526.00!

Model Champ-3 will sharpen drills up to 3″…  This was part of a package of machines we purchased from a drill & end mill manufacture.  It appears to be new, but it’s missing the bed and Drill Indexing Gauge (see pictures).  Make sure you look at the pictures, it shows what’s missing.  It has a Dayton Industrial 1 phase 115/230v motor.  JTS Machinery wants $2,526 for this grinder and MSC wants $4,170 for it.  This is a real bargain for what the manufacture claims is the; Worlds fastest large bit sharpener.  We can send you the link for the manual if you want.

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