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Hydroflow 12A Coolant Filtration System

Hydroflow 12A Coolant Filtration System

Grinding and Machining
• Creep Feed and CBN grinding
• All types of alloys
• Filtering light oils or
water-soluble coolants
Rolled Media Vacuum Filter
Flow rates from 60 to 180 GPM filtration to 8-10 microns
*Based on standard flux rates of 5 to15 GPM/sq.ft.
Lower or higher flux rates can be used for special applications.
• Restrictive solids by-pass vacuum design
• Smooth proprietary conveyor system
• Automated coolant make-up system
• Rugged construction
• Coolant delivery systems

  • Media Width 39″
  • Filter Area 12sqft
  • Total Capacity 600 gallons
  • Flow Range 60-180 GPM

* see specs on tag

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