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SOLD – Swistek AB42 7 Axis CNC Lathe Screw Machine For Sale – SOLD

Year: 2011…Factory Info from below:

Swistek AB42 7 Axis CNC Lathe Screw Machine For Sale

7-Axis HYBRID Swiss-Type CNC Screw
Machine w/Removable Guide Bushing

Two Spindles Simultaneously Controlled. Sliding Head Spindle Swiss Type CNC Lathe Designed for Turning and Milling Operations!

The Swistek AB42 HYBRID Big Bore Swiss offers a 7-Axis sliding headstock Swiss Type Screw Machine with a HYBRID Removable Guide Bushing that offers precision, reliability, performance and speed at a very economical price compared to the competition.

The Swistek AB42 Big Bore Swiss model has a removable Guide Bushing, Temperature Controlled Integrated 10hp main spindle and a Temperature Controlled Integrated 10hp independent sub-spindle along with lubricated NSK Bearings and Ball Screws help to achieve optimal thermal stability.

The Swistek AB42 has up to 14 Live Tool Positions and has a 38mm bar capacity with the Guide Bushing and 42mm bar capacity without the guide bushing. Running as a Non-Guide-Bush-Type adds cost savings with shorter bar remnants, eliminates the guide bushing and the need for centerless ground bar stock, it also allows for more concentric and rounder parts (Part Length Ratio for Removing Guide Bushing: Max. Part Length = 3.5 x Bar Dia.)

The Swistek AB42 Big Bore Swiss is truly the most Economical, Precise and Versatile Swiss Turn on the Market Today.

Key Features
  • 42mm Bar Capacity w/o Guide Bush
  • 38mm w/Guide Bushing Housing
  • 7 Controllable Axis
  • Independent Subspindle
  • FANUC 32i-A Control
  • HYBRID Removable Guide Bushing
  • Rapid Traverse Rate 1,260ipm
  • Rotary Guide Bushing
  • Simultaneous 7-Axis
  • Up to 14 Live Tools
  • Up to 30 Tools Total
  • C-Axis Main and Subspindle
  • 10HP Integrated Main/Sub Spindle
  • Rotating Part Conveyor
  • *Chip Conveyor with Cart
  • Temperature Controlled Spindle

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