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SOLD – Oliver Model 700 Automatic Drill Grinder Sharpener up to 4″ capacity

Oliver Model 700 Drill Bit Grinder Sharpener

  • 4″ Capacity
  • 230 Volt
  • Year: 1993
  • New grinding wheels included
  • Used in tool room not in production
 If you buy this machine new, it’s $29,900.
Factory site says the following about the Model 700

The Model 700 Automatic Drill Point Grinder combines the excellent features of the Oliver 600 drill point grinder and adds a push button control, making the machine totally automatic. The Model 700 can produce the popular double angle point which consists of automatic self-centering, generated helical and corner bevel point grinds. The operator can choose any of these three points. There is no costly setup to grind drills, no cam changes or grinding wheel changes for different type points. Closer hole tolerance, better wall finish, burr-free holes during the drill break through will be realized along with longer lasting drills because of the variable clearance and adjustable point angles for different materials. Spade drills can be ground in their own holder which gives much closer tolerances compared to conventional methods.

The Model 700 Automatic Drill Point Grinder is supplied with a push button control panel. This operator console panel includes push buttons for controlling the cycle of the machine. Features also include an automatic infeed for regulating the amount of stock to be ground from the drill.

 What others are saying about the Model 700 (from Oliver site)

“The Oliver Model 700 cut my grinding time by a third! Oliver machines produce a much better point, resulting in cost savings for my customers.

Every time I call for parts, they’re great! I’m treated very courteously; they provide me pricing, availability & shipping, and they always have the part that I need.”

– Brent Bolin, Owner, Acra Tex Industries Inc.

oliver 700

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